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A leading provider of Engineering Procurement and Contracting Solutions.






Cteq are specialists in procurement and sourcing and have a clear understanding of the commercial needs of their clients. As impartial providers of high-calibre solutions, we offer a wealth of relevant knowledge, know how and experience in procurement engineering and sourcing that guarantees results.

Due to our customers’ demands for a wider variety of equipment and services, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading procurement companies. Our expertise now covers the provision of equipment and services for many sectors including healthcare, education, research, utilities, industrial, aid and development sectors. We have a track record of collaborating with leading organizations and SMEs across a range of industries, to build value drivers and deliver significant cost savings and efficiency improvements through a wide range of procurement and sourcing solutions. Cteq provide tailored services, enabling clients to get more value from their business by outsourcing their procurement needs, identifying and implementing cost savings, introducing new procurement-related processes, and managing supplier relationships on a more strategic level. With our in-depth industry experience, the Cteq team is adept at providing effective procurement solutions that create tangible value for our clients. Among the many strengths that distinguish Cteq in the marketplace are:

  • Extensive multi-sector expertise.

  • Broad range of tailored services.

  • Comprehensive database of products, vendors and service providers worldwide.

  • Proven and experienced management team.

  • In-depth experience and knowledge of the African continent.


Contact Us

Cteq Ltd.

Franciscan House,                      

51 Princes Street,                      

Office 423       

Ipswich, IP1 1UR,

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1473 937029

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